Behavior on the Mountain

Observe the restrictions of Mountain Federations, both territorial and National. Do not disturb any form of wildlife, such as bird nesting. To help protect the flora and to respect environments of geological interest, besides places of special scientific interest

  • Avoid actions that cause unnecessary erosion.
  • Do not disturb livestock, nor damage crops or trees.
  • Do not leave trash. Keep camping areas clean.

Behavior on the Mountain

Where there are no sanitary facilities, choose places far from rivers and other water channels to meet the physiological needs, in addition to reducing visual impact using stones, sand,

Do not carry out activities liable to contaminate rivers, lakes, lakes, such as using soap or other products.

Avoid the indiscriminate use of the fixed material in climbing.

Make proper use of motor vehicles, minimizing acoustic impact. Park in appropriate places whenever possible. Try to use public or collective transport.

Leave the place in the same or better conditions of how we find it.

Basic Code of Behavior in the Mountain: Social Environment

  • Respect the cultural heritage and the dignity and traditions of local populations.
  • Encourage activities that restore and rehabilitate mountain environments.
  • In contacts between mountaineers, whether of the same or different cultures, establish an environment of fellowship and mutual respect.

Performing Sports Activities in Mountain Environments

All members of the team must know the two previous Basic Codes, in addition to the restrictions of the territorial Mountain Federation.

Do not use equipment or resources disproportionate to the objectives of the activity.

Adopt attitudes that imply the necessary security in the development of the activity.

Report on the activity to be carried out by the Security and Rescue Forces, or other authorities, such as the Civil Guard.

On the Use of Shelters and Other Facilities

To respect the norms of operation specified in each of them, as well as not to carry out activities not allowed in case the shelter is in a Protected Natural Area. Mountain refuges are not allowed:

  • Turn on stoves or stoves, or cook outside the place intended for it.
  • Stay in the bedrooms from 9 am to 2 pm on the same day, except for illness, as well as lighting candles and smoking in them.
  • Move furniture or fixtures from your usual place.
  • Access the bedrooms with boots and mountain material, and place them in the right place.
  • The operation of all kinds of sound devices that could disturb the rest of the users.
  • The entrance of all kinds of animals.
  • Sleeping outside the places indicated for this (except force majeure or criterion of the guards).

Behavior on the Mountain

Likewise, and as a Basic Rule of Respect for Others, It Should Be:

Respect the Safety Rules Outlined in the Refuge

In the shelters kept, the guard will provide the Mountaineers with bags to transfer their trash to the nearest collection point. The guards will only be responsible for the garbage generated by themselves and for their sales of the canteen, commissary, and kitchen.

In unguarded shelters, special care must be taken to keep windows and doors completely closed, as well as to completely extinguish fires.

Likewise, and to Facilitate the Use of the Refuge

The toilets, free kitchen, and dining room are for the exclusive use of the mountaineers housed in the Refugio and for the mountaineers federated and reciprocate that prove to be of the crossing.

Any deterioration that is observed or occurs must be communicated as soon as possible to the corresponding Federation or manager.

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