Best Inflatable Kayak

Want to buy the  Best Inflatable Kayak?  To help you, we have prepared a TOP 10 of the best Inflatable Kayaks on the market and a  buying guide to help you make the right choice!

Intex – 9668307 – In Canoe Explorer K2 – 312 x 91 x 51 Inches

  • Luxury pneumatic canoe, robust, for 2 people
  • “With a valve” “quick-fill / deflated” “”
  • Includes oars, pump, lashing rope and repair kit
  • Certifications: TÜV and GS approved

Tahiti Plus Kayak (385 x 90 cm)

  • Backpack System: Folds into a backpack.
  • Sevytest gauge to measure pressure during inflation
  • Inflatable seats with good support
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • Highly resistant PVC for durability
  • 2 inflatable rooms for extra security
  • I-beam bottom made of highly resistant PVC
  • Boston valve for easy inflation and deflation

Best Inflatable Kayak

 Intex – 68305Np – Set Of Water And Beach – Set Kayak Challenger K1

  • Product description : Set kayak challenger k1 – 1 person 274 cm x 76 cm x 33 cm inflatable bottom / rope around / storage net inlcus: paddle, double action inflator weight x: 100 kg
  • Dimensions : 274 x 76 x 33 cm

 Intex – 68306Np – Set Of Water And Beach – Set Kayak Challenger K2 

  • Product description : Set challenger kayak k2 – 2 people 351 cm x 76 cm x 38 cm super strong, comfortable vinyl reinforcement: inflatable seat with inflatable bottom backrest, rope around, weight my x: 160 storage net, included: paddle, inflatori
  • Dimensions : 351 x 76 x 38 cm

Sevylor Adventure Kit with Blue Canoe / Inflator / Paddle

  • Dimensions: 363×89 cm
  • 2 persons
  • Classic canoe created for exploration, fun and family outings. With the high sides, paddlers feel safe and can enjoy the comfort of canoeing.
  • 2 independent side rooms for your safety
  • Background at I-BEAM for better strength and performance
  • Durable fabric
  • 2 handles to facilitate the transport of canoe
  • Ready to use with its two simple paddles and the inflator

Sevylor Explorer Reef 300 Sit On Top Inflatable Kayak

  • Sit On Top 2 Places
  • Window at the front for seabed observation.
  • Foot wedge for greater comfort
  • 2 adjustable seats
  • Elastic storage nets at the back
  • Rest paddles. Canvas coated with PVC on the underside.
  • Carry handles front and back and on the ribs
  • Directional strips under the boat for better maneuverability.
  • Reinforced nylon cover.
  • Delivered with: Carrying bag + Manometer + Removable drift + repair kit + manual of use.

Sevylor Inflatable Hudson Kayak 3 Spots with Front Decks

  • 2 people With 2 adults and one child
  • Very fast inflation: same type of valve; (Boston Valve) for the 3 bedrooms
  • Dimensions: length: 3.63 m; width: 0.89 m
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Polyester cover and PVC coated canvas on the underside
  • Can support up to 230 kgs
  • Removable drift when the kayak is only deflated
  • With transport and storage bag

Huya Force 42 “Sail Paddle Kayak” Scout Wind Paddle

  • Wind Kayak Sailing Rake seems to be made by a sailing boat manufacturer because it binds to the modern hardware, technical and skillful sail design, you will get a high-performance sail, it is durable and easy to use.
  • This material is a fabric of low elasticity, no absorption of water when it is drowned, it will not be heavy.
  • The veil of the window is supported by the high modulus, high-elasticity schistose and non-corrosion and indestructible lath.
  • The latter may be deformed, but in the end, it will recover.
  • The batten lets the veil be folded three for tight lashing and stock.

Best Inflatable Kayak

 Bestway -Kayak Lite-Rapid 2P 321×88

  • ease of assembly
  • ideal stability
  • extreme strength and excellent stability

Intex – 68325 – Inflatable Game “Excursion 5” 366 X 168 X 43 Cm

  • Inflatable inflatable boat with accessories
  • Designed to carry up to 5 people
  • Dimensions: 366 (W) x 168 (W) x 43 (H) cm
  • Maximum load: 455 kg

Accessories Included: Oars, Pump and Accessory Storage Bag

Everyone knows or has at least already seen these large inflatable boats where you can climb to 6 or 10 in? The inflatable kayak works the same way. Except that with the increase of the demand the manufacturers thought more practical by proposing boats for one, two or three people and in different forms. You can easily find canoes, double-seater, single-seaters, etc. There is now something for everyone.

This will allow you to refine your research and look at the features to consider when you want to buy an inflatable kayak. Everything should allow you to make a choice that suits you according to your desires and your budget.

Choosing an inflatable kayak is a practical choice. Indeed, if you opt for this type of boat you will see that everything becomes easier during your travels. The inflatable kayak, unlike rigid boats, they can be stored in an apartment even small. For some, you can even put them in a canvas bag and carry them in the trunk of your car. A definite advantage when you know that with rigid canoes you must have, at least, a garage, a platform on the canvas of your car and straps.

You can go hiking, fishing, go down a river … You will see the materials used are designed to last but also to be practical. The inflatable boats want to dethrone the rigid kayaks that you have to transport to your gallery and that require you to have a storage place to put them away.

If you choose the inflatable kayak you will not lose in quality since the materials used are designed to withstand the weather and provide stability during navigation. The evolution of materials makes it possible to ensure safety even when transporting several people. If you take care of your boat outside the water, the risks on the water will be limited.

Before you go to buy your boat think that you will still need to invest in an inflator. Unless you want to gain endurance and inflate it to the feet … See you! You will have to think about keeping a place for your repair kit. Like during a bike ride we are never immune to a problem.

So how to choose an inflatable kayak? The comparison of the best inflatable kayaks will allow you to see more clearly.

Intex, Best Brand of Inflatable Items

The American brand  Intex is recognized worldwide for its expertise and the quality of its products. Specializing in inflatable items from aboveground pools, furniture, and boats for the whole family.

Intex offers a range of products in terms of boats that will meet all desires. Whether to go alone or with others . The brand uses quality materials that will stand the test of time, making it one of the best brands of inflatable products.

1. Intex Explorer K2  – Best Inflatable Kayak 2017

Let’s start with the number 2 Amazon sales, the inflatable kayak  Intex Explorer K2. best inflatable kayak intex explorer k1 It is a vinyl boat, a resistant and flexible material. It is made for two people and supports a maximum weight of 160 kg.

In itself the kayak is lightweight, it is only 16.5 kg. Deflated you can fold and transport easily. Once on the water, it will be very handy even for beginners.

Inflated kayak measures 351 cm x 76 cm x 38 cm. Large enough to accommodate two adults on board.

Its long, slender design will be perfect for navigating lakes and shallow waters. Made of vinyl and reinforced it will resist time as well as scratches caused by rocks, for example. Everything is done for comfort and optimum safety during your outings.

Best Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak is priced at 120 €. For this price, the pack includes paddles aluminum, a pump, a rope around and a repair kit. You will not have any other purchases to make at first except the lifejackets. Once the kayak received you can inflate it and enjoy without further delay. In view of consumer opinions, this kayak will meet the occasional expectations of beginners more than hikers in search of adventure.

2. Intex K1 Challenger  – Best Canoe Kayak Single Seat

If you want to go for a ride alone the kayak  Intex K1 Challenger is the product that could be suitable for you. best inflatable kayak single seat challenger k1Designed for one person, it has the qualities and performance of the Intex brand. So you can go safely with all the equipment you need.

Deflated it is easily transportable and weighs only 12 kg. You can inflate it quickly with the supplied double action pump and put it into the water. Mounted fully measures 274 cm x 78 cm x 38 cm, you will have enough room to feel comfortable during your navigation.

A net at the front of the boat will allow you to keep your business safe, without the risk of seeing them fall into the water.

Best Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Challenger K1 kayak supports a weight of 100 kg which is more than enough for one person and his equipment. Built-in vinyl it will withstand the weather and different types of water. It will just think to clean it well with clean water before folding it.

Its tapered profile will make it very manageable even for one person. Equipped with aluminum paddle and repair kit provided you can enjoy your trips without problems.

The price of the Intex Challenger K1 kayak is 150 € but you can take advantage of the 36% discount which will leave it at less than 100 €. There is not much to complain about this inflatable kayak that offers one of the best value for money on the market.

Sevylor, Best Brand of Inflatable Kayaks

The Sevylor brand specializes in the manufacture and marketing of inflatable kayaks. His expertise is recognized internationally both in the sports and amateur sectors.

Sevylor offers a wide range of kayaks whether to go on a ride or adventure alone or with others. The products of the American brand are for everyone and you will find items for all budgets and all your desires.

3. Sevylor Adventure Kit  – Inflatable Kayak 2 Places for the Ride

The inflatable kayak  Adventure Kit from  Sevylor is a two-seater boat with seats in removable fabric.  best inflatable kayak Sevylor adventureThis canoe designed for both leisure and exploration trips will delight the whole family, 2 by 2 of course.

The weight of the folded canoe is 15 kg, it can be stored and transported in the canvas bag provided for this purpose. Once inflated the boat will support a weight of 165 kg, which will allow you to fully enjoy a trip to two with all the appropriate equipment.

The canoe is very maneuverable thanks to the removable rowing and its size. You will not have any trouble keeping your stability and sailing at your own pace even if you are a beginner.

Best Inflatable Kayak

Constructed of resistant PVC and with 5 air chambers, the canoe  Adventure Kit will ensure you a perfect safety. The price of this inflatable boat is 350 € but you can enjoy a saving of about 30 € to buy less than 320 €. Delivered with 2 paddles, a pump, a manometer and a bag of transport, you will have all the elements to go in turn on the lakes and rivers. You just have to wear lifejackets.

4. Sevylor Explorer Reef  – Best Twin Inflatable Kayak

The two-seater Explorer Reef kayak from Sevylor stands out from the competition thanks to its design. best inflatable kayak two-seater Sevylor explorer reefWe are no longer in the style of a traditional dugout because instead of being full, he finds himself open at the back to help store his stuff.

By using the net placed at the back of the boat you will be able to carry all your utensils. Attention all the same weight, we are in a kayak 2 places with a maximum load of 150 kg. With two adults on board is already a lot of weight.

Both seats are adjustable, but taller people might find themselves cramped. The dimensions being 300 cm x 88 cm, you will not have the depth to place your legs. This may, in the long run, hurt your back or make it difficult to use the paddles since you will avoid bumping your knees at each pass. On the front of the boat, you can have a view of the seabed through a PVC window on the bottom of the canoe.

The Explorer Reef is constructed of nylon and PVC fabric for strength, light weight, and maneuverability. The directional strips placed under the boat will give you a better stability and allow you to navigate more easily. Once deflated you can put it in the included bag and carry it easily because it weighs only 12 kg.

Best Inflatable Kayak

The inflatable kayak  Explorer Reef is priced at 300 € but you can enjoy a 21% discount. We regret that it does not come with paddles and a pump but the cover, the pressure gauge, and a repair kit will be provided. You will need to add to the purchase price the price of missing accessories and life jackets.

Once fully equipped you can enjoy your device to go for a walk on the lakes or the beach.

5. Sevylor Kayak Tahiti  – Best 3 Person Inflatable Kayak 

If you have a child and want to enjoy with him your outings on the lake, we have the boat that you need.  best inflatable kayak 3 seats Sevylor tahitiThe Tahiti kayak from Sevylor version 3 places. It will allow you to accommodate 2 adults and one child for a maximum weight of 200 kg.

A real inflatable canoe that will allow you to enjoy family moments safely. Made of reinforced PVC and with several inner tubes, you will not take risks for your safety and stability on the water. Once inflated the kayak is 385 cm x 90 cm, with sufficient depth so you can paddle without having to avoid your knees. You can move it easily using the handles placed on the sides but also at the front and back of the kayak.

Note that the 3 seats are inflatable and adjustable for comfort but they may get moving during your outings.

The Tahiti kayak is equipped with screw valves that allow you to simply inflate and deflate your boat. Once this emptied of its air you will be able to fold it in a backpack and put it on your shoulders, its 12 kg will not have to overload you too much.

Best Inflatable Kayak

The price of  Kayak Tahiti is 186 €, an entry-level price that will allow you to enjoy the sun and sea and family outings. This purchase price is very interesting for a boat 3 places but you will have to add the paddles, the pump, the repair kit and the life jackets. This is still to take into account in your budget but if you are looking for a convenient kayak, transportable and for the whole family is surely one of the best in the field.

Bic Sport, the Innovative Brand

Who does not know the brand Bic is not French! Sorry for this burst of patriotism but when we talk about a French brand and what’s more, we talk about quality I think we can do a little cock. Bic brand is known worldwide for its pens but also for its innovations and commitment to the environment. Its evolution towards the manufacture of sporting goods does not deride the rule. They are more transportable, mostly made with falling products and energy saving way. Everything is often recyclable at the end of life, an asset when you want to pay attention to its imprint on nature.

6. Bic Sports YakkAir HP2  – Best Inflatable Bic Premium Kayak

If you like to go canoeing but want something more transportable than a rigid kayak, the  YakkAir HP2 Bic Sport is perhaps the model for you. best high-end inflatable bicycle kayak inflatable kayak as powerful as a rigid kayak, in any case, that’s what we promise the brand.

Good already note that it will cost you more than 1000 €. A sacred investment we agree but there is still the touch of high-end, almost professional and especially almost equipped. In addition to your inflatable kayak, you will have a powerful pump with a pressure gauge so there is no risk of a mistake. A repair kit and a carrying bag.

The YakkAir’s carrying bag is very practical since it is a waterproof backpack. Nothing better to carry the 15 kilos of the folded kayak. Which also means that you can easily store it in a closet or in the trunk of your car.

More than 3 meters long you can enjoy the real 2 adult seats or only one if you place your seat in the middle of the boat. A practical modulation to distribute the weight correctly if you go solo. The maximum weight recommended is 250 kg, enough to carry your picnic without difficulty.

Best Inflatable Kayak

With a double bottom, the kayak YakkAir will allow you to paddle dry in greater comfort. The materials used will allow you to navigate safely with stability and maneuverability equal to rigid boats. Note that if a part breaks, you can easily replace it.

The price of the Bic Sports YakkAir HP2 kayak is 1250 € but you can enjoy a discount that could save you more than 140 €. A small advantage when you know that we will have to invest in paddles before we can use it. It should be noted however that despite strong advantages in terms of handling, robustness, and loading, users have argued that the loading capacity may be a little limited. After we are still talking about a kayak, not a boat so the load volume will always be smaller.

7. Bic Sport Trinidad  – Best Kayak for Fishing

Do you like to go fishing? best kayak bic for fishingThe Trinidad kayak from  Bic Sport to allow you to breathe new life into your outings.

The fishing kayak  Trinidad is designed to accommodate 2 people but you can for your convenience use it alone or in tandem without losing stability. Light enough you can easily handle it, you will even be able to add a suitable engine. A plus if you want to evolve your boat.

As for your equipment, you will have enough space to carry everything with you. You can easily install your rods and other equipment with the support provided for this purpose. Wide straps are placed at the back to carry bags or larger items.

The recommended maximum weight is 200 kg for measurements of 359 cm x 84 cm. A whole that will allow you to feel comfortable on your outings even with all your fishing tackle. Once the game is over, you just have to dry it and carry its 30 kg using the handles on the front and back of the kayak.

Best Inflatable Kayak

Note that this kayak is not removable or inflatable but it will meet your expectations if you want to spend time on the water facing nature. Green and brown you can easily blend in with the landscape. This kayak is mainly made for sailing in shallow water and calm but yes you can still go to sea in mild weather. Its sturdy construction will allow you to slide between rocks and other branches without risk to your safety.

The price of the Bic Sport Trinidad kayak is 785 €. A price that may seem high compared to other products presented but this is a kayak that meets a specific need. In addition, you will have noted that it is evolutionary since you can adopt an engine. We regret just the lack of standard accessories given the price.

8. Advanced Elements Air Fusion  – Best Inflatable Kayak for Hiker

Are you an experienced hiker and you like to go solo? best inflatable kayak advanced elements for hikers The Advanced Elements Air Fusion inflatable kayak should be right for you. Profiled for speed and designed to withstand the elements it should bring you any satisfaction.

Its high price already announces the color. It will not be affordable for all budgets but the most demanding of the kayak will be recognized quality. A unique design that combines an aluminum alloy, skeleton and inner tubes for greater stability, greater lightness, and more comfortable handling.

Designed for one person the kayak from Advanced to the dimensions of a sporty 400 cm x 64 cm, all with a depth that will allow you to settle comfortably. You will also have enough space to take your package with you. The maximum weight supported is 106 kg. Sufficient for a person who wants to hike.

Best Inflatable Kayak

Whether it bends or not you will have no trouble moving the kayak. Its 15 kg deflated will fit easily into its carrying bag and once inflated you can pull it with the handles placed in the front and back.

The price of the Advanced Elements Air Fusion inflatable kayak is € 1,049, a premium price that includes a carry bag and repair kit. You will need to add the paddles, the pump and the lifejacket to your budget.

9. Blueborn Coastreer SRE300  – Best Inflatable Kayak for Leisure

If you have a limited budget but desires for great tunes we may be the kayak you need. best leisure kayak blue born coasteerAt less than 300 € the inflatable kayak  Blue born Coaster is one of the best in terms of value for money.

The Blue born Coastreer kayak is designed for 2 people and supports a weight of 165 kg. Its rather generous dimensions of 300 cm x 88 cm will allow you to easily board your belongings, within the limit of the maximum weight.

Made of highly resistant materials that are PVC, nylon you will be able to leave safely. Handy and lightweight these materials will also give you a very good stability when sailing.

Best Inflatable Kayak

To fit all morphologies the seats can be adjusted. Despite the presence of chocks feet regretted the lack of depth to allow a better position of the legs. During your excursions, you can attach your paddles to the kayak with supports placed on each side of the boat.

Please note before going on the purchase that the Blue born Coastreer kayak is priced at 235 € but no accessories are included in the pack. You will need to add to your budget the purchase of paddles, a pump, a kit of emergency and vests. Despite this disadvantage, the attractive price of this product will allow you to buy a transportable kayak easily and that will allow you to go hiking in duet

10. Point 65 Apollo  – 2017 Best Modular Kayak

Are you looking for a kayak that can be easily transported and assembled in a snap? best modular kayak point 65 apolloWhy not turn to the kayak  Point 65 Apollo …

With the Point 65 Apollo kayak no need to ride a gallery on the roof of your car or having to pump for 10 minutes. It will take you less than 10 seconds to ride your canoe and go to the water.

Easy to assemble but just as easy to disassemble, transport and store. Its 18 kg will allow you to carry it as you wish and its detachable parts will fit in your car. Note however the absence of handles to facilitate its transport.

Note that its high-performance plastic construction will prevent you from waiting for the boat to be completely dry before folding. Just drain it and wipe it clean.

Another advantage to being attributed to this kayak is that you can easily go from a single-seater boat to a two-seater. You just need to add a central module to set up a second seat. To mount the seats simply unfold the folders located on the rear and central module. Nothing better to go on the ballad in duo or solo without losing in maneuverability or stability.

Best Inflatable Kayak

You want to carry small equipment no problem, you can place them in the two compartments provided for this purpose at the front and back of the device. The whole will be maintained by a safety net to avoid falls at sea. Attention, all the same, this boat is mainly made for the leisure, the navigation on calm waters is thus privileged.

The price of the kayak  Point 65 Apollo is 455 € a good price when you do not like to clutter useless material. Besides this boat will allow you to fully enjoy your outings alone or in tandem without taking anything away from your comfort and safety. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to increase the budget to complete the equipment to have paddles and life jackets.

Buying Guide: An Inflatable Kayak Adapted to each Outing

The inflatable boat is not an innovation, it has always been more or less used to transport people or equipment. The only notable evolution is its use. Whether rafts or rescue channels, the inflatable boat has always been useful. As the demand for it increases, the manufacturers have adapted and the products are evolving.

Now you can easily find inflatable boats in supermarkets to enjoy on the beach. Quality is not the best and its use as a navigation object is not the priority in this case. If your desire is to go for a walk on the sea or the rivers you will rather direct you to the canoes and kayaks. This is where evolution is most interesting.

Indeed, rigid kayak manufacturers have decided to meet a growing demand on the fact of ease of transport of boats. You must have seen it on the road of holidays, these cars with the canoe on the roof. Not the most practical we agree. The problem is now solved with inflatable kayaks! You can now go on a weekend with your kayak in the trunk of your car.

The question now is what will your use be? Leisure, hiking, sea, river, solo, several… All these elements are important and the comparison of the best inflatable kayaks you may be allowed to see more clearly on the products on the market. The following  Buying Guide will help you confirm your choice and purchase your inflatable kayak more easily.



The first advantage of inflatable kayaks is their portability. Indeed, unlike rigid kayak inflatable or modular weigh between 12 and 20 kilos. A weight that allows them to be easily transported in a  backpack or a  canvas bag provided for this purpose. Generally, this bag comes with the kayak when purchased.

The inflatable kayak is quickly folded and if you can carry it in a bag it is often that you can put it in the trunk of your car. A saving of place during your displacements but also during the storage once you are at home. Here also no more garage or large spaces, a closet will suffice.

Note that the volume of the kayak deflated and folded depends on its initial size but count that it corresponds to the size of a suitcase.


A simple implementation like hello! You just have to take it out of your carrying bag and start inflating it. It may be what will take you the most time but with an effective pump, the wait will not be that long. Count about fifteen minutes with a double action pump.

Once your exit is over you simply deflate the kayak by opening the valve or valves, fold everything and put it in his bag.


The maintenance of your inflatable kayak is a point not to neglect. Indeed even if they are made of very resistant materials it will be necessary to think of cleaning it before putting it away, which will take you more time than with a rigid kayak. You will need to clean it with clear water and let it dry before folding.

As for punctures, you can use the patch and for rips, the patch application will allow you to keep a kayak ready for use.


Boarding and disembarking an inflatable boat is relatively the same as on a rigid kayak. With the only difference that landing on a beach can be even easier, shocks will be amortized and you can get closer to the shore.


By choosing an inflatable kayak you do not close doors. This boat will allow you to go to sea as well as to walk on a river or lake. Unlike rigid boats you can even more easily navigate the shallow waters.

As we see in the comparison you can also go partly fishing but beware the inflatable boats do not like hooks and other sharps.


Even if as we said above inflatable kayaks are versatile, some are still specificities that will allow you to enjoy your trips safely.

Some kayaks are more suitable for professional use as canoe Bic Sports brand, you can safely go out of the river to the sea. Others will have a more recreational goal like the Tahiti kayaks Sevylor brand and will be more at ease on calm waters alone or with others. It’s up to you to see what’s best for you.


As in all boats, the comfort of sitting is not the best but it is made possible and optimizes thanks to the different equipment. Already you will have to inflate it at a sufficient pressure so that the kayak is as rigid as possible. Then following the models you will have the choice between an inflatable seat or fabrics, adjustable or not. Some may be removable for storage or a simpler modulation.

If you are tall you will need to look at how to place your legs. Depending on the boat you can have more or less depth in the kayak, which will allow you to be more comfortable when you go paddling.

Storage space

The majority of kayaks will offer loading areas. They will either be waterproof or simply restrained by straps. These locations are often located in front and at the back of the kayak.


Inflatable kayaks can be made with different materials resistant to abrasion and puncture. They can be PVC, nylon, rubber or made with a mix of these different materials.

After each trip, it is advisable to go around your boat to check for wear, especially on the friction zones.


Finally, let’s talk about safety instructions. During all your outings you will have to wear a lifejacket and have a repair kit at your fingertips.

Inflatable boats are more sensitive to wind than rigid ones. To prevent your kayak from drifting after a capsize it is advisable to attach. In the same way that we can be on his board.

You have arrived at the end of this shopping guide, hoping that he was able to answer your questions. Now that you have read this guide and compare the best inflatable kayaks you should be able to choose the model that best suits your desires.

You may have noticed that most kayaks are not supplied with accessories. You will have to add to your budget the purchase of paddles, a pump, a repair kit and any other accessories you deem necessary.

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