Carbon Fiber Vs Fiberglass Fishing Rods

So much has changed since the times fishing began. Originally, bamboo sticks were used as fishing rods but today’s rods are much more complicated and are available in a variety of materials, each having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Carbon Fiber Vs Fiberglass Fishing Rods


This has caused a lot of confusion, especially among beginners, as they try to get suitable rods for their first fishing expeditions.

What is important to note here is that, these different fishing rods are ideal for different fishing conditions and therefore when selecting one, consider factors such as your fishing experience and the type of fish you want to catch among many others. 

Considering the two main materials used to make fishing rods (carbon fiber and fiberglass), these are the factors that would help you differentiate between the two, and ultimately choose the one that suits your fishing needs:

1. Sensitivity

A fishing rod’s sensitivity is important because it determines if you will feel the vibrations as the fish takes the bait. If you are targeting small fish such as bluegills, you will need a very sensitive rod so that you can feel the soft bites as the fish takes the bait. This will help you to set the hook in good time.

Carbon fiber rods are ideal for such situations because they are much lighter than fiberglass rods, enabling them to transmit vibrations from the hook to your hands easily and quickly.

However, you must ensure that you select a light carbon fiber rod with a slow action, so that you can hook the small fish more effectively.

Carbon Fiber Vs Fiberglass Fishing Rods 

For bigger fish, sensitivity is not a big issue because they bite with more force, causing vibrations that can be felt even on fiberglass rods.

2. Durability

If you are the clumsy type of person, owning a carbon fiber fishing rod would be an expensive affair. These rods are very brittle and therefore require extreme care when handling them.

They are very lightweight but trade strength this for brittleness. A fiberglass rod would be ideal in such a situation because it is much stronger and capable of surviving rough handling. 

3. Applications

Fiberglass rods are recommended when casting lures such as buzzbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and suspending jerkbaits. These lures are mostly used in spring or autumn, hence fiberglass rods can be very useful during these times of the year.

4. Weight

Generally, fiberglass rods are heavier than carbon fiber rods. Technically, this could be a disadvantage on the fiberglass blank’s side but practically, a balanced rod is best regardless of whether it is made from fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Therefore, ensure your choice of fishing rod is perfectly balanced because it will make fishing much easier and more comfortable.

5. Action

Carbon fiber rods usually bend less under pressure because they are quite stiff. This means that they have faster action as compared to the slow action of the more flexible fiberglass rods. The best surf rods are fast action rods, made from carbon fiber and this is crucial because big fish are the usual targets. 

Smaller fish can be caught using slow action rods because they need some time and patience in order to set the hook properly in place. 

Carbon Fiber Vs Fiberglass Fishing Rods


Fishing rods are very important tools in the whole fishing process. It is important to get the fishing rod material right because the wrong one could ruin your whole fishing experience.

More and more anglers have been biased towards the new carbon fiber rods but fiberglass blanks are also evolving and offer good performance in their respective application areas. 

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