How to Choose Two-Way Radio

Radio, of course, no one buys spontaneously. As a rule, its purchase is preceded by a long and painful choice. It is necessary to reconsider a huge amount of these gadgets, before settling on something that corresponds to the need.

However, this is not all. According to many professionals, the choice of a walkie-talkie is associated with the peculiarities of its operation. Simply put, the conditions under which it will be used. Why is this happening? The thing is that there is no ideal radio, suitable for everything.

How to Choose a Walkie-talkie?

First, it is necessary to understand the markings a little. For example, radios can vary in their operating ranges:

KV is an amateur band. The frequencies range from 0.1 to 28 MHz.

SW – civilian range. The wavelength is about 11 meters. The frequencies range from 26 to 30 MHz.

LB – service range. The wavelength is 6 meters. The frequencies range from 30 to 50 MHz.

VHF – high-frequency range. In the outdoor it is necessary to obtain permission to use it (rent a frequency). The wavelength is about 2 meters. Frequencies from 136 to 172 MHz

UHF – ultra-high frequency range. Can be both official and amateur. The wavelength is about 70 centimeters. The frequencies range from 420 to 473 MHz.

How to Choose Two-Way Radio

It is quite logical that out of all this diversity, at times, it is very difficult to understand which radio to choose the best. That is why it is so important to immediately decide how and where you will apply it.

For example, one type of these devices is needed for the city. And it is very difficult to use them outside the city. In addition, maybe you need a stationary walkie-talkie in the car? Or you can easily manage portable?

We will try to describe in more detail which radio transmitters are best used in rough terrain. We’ll figure out what range it is better to work in a dense urban development, and also try to give an answer to the question about what to buy a walkie-talkie for a car.

How to Choose Two-Way Radio

Recommended for “Rough Terrain”

For example, if you want to select a walkie-talkie for work in rough terrain, then the best option will be optioned with a low-frequency range, for example, 27 MHz. The wavelength of such devices is 11 meters (this is an approximate value). We take into account the fact that the wave can skirt an obstacle equal to only half its length. As a result, we conclude that such waves can cope with obstacles in the form of thick trees and small hills.

Minus this range is also available – for example, sensitivity to interference. If there are electromagnetic disturbances in the range of the low-frequency radio, problems will start. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why such devices are undesirable to use in the city.

Usually, a  range of 27 MHz is called a CB-band, so-called, civil. In order to use it, there is no need to obtain licenses and register devices. Just bought it – and forgot. It is very convenient. The greatest popularity of walkie-talkies, which can work in this range, was received from taxi drivers, fans of radio communication, huntsmen.

Also for such conditions, it is possible to recommend devices that operate in the LB-band.

Recommended for Urban Conditions

For the city, one of the most important parameters for a walkie-talkie is its resistance to interference in the air. There are a huge number of them in any large settlement. Therefore, in this case, the best radio is working in the high-frequency range. She is not afraid of any electromagnetic disturbances. It is compact, has a modern and stylish design. Such radios operate in the VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-470 MHz) ranges.

And What Can You Advise the Drivers?

For this category of consumers, do not think about what to buy a walkie-talkie – there are only two ways out:

Or stationary.

Or portable.

The pros of the stationary are that in the salon you will not see any wires and adapters. All this is hiding qualitatively during installation. In addition, the food of these radios is provided by the car battery. This is the key to the stable operation.

At the same time, the disadvantages of stationary devices are their immobility. You can not use them outside the car. For this parameter, portable radios, the best models of which have excellent batteries, are sometimes preferable.


Apparently, the answer to the question about which radio is good, is to understand the purpose of this device personally for the buyer. Once you decide on where you will use your walkie-talkie, it will immediately become clear what device you can buy.

A company that produces radio sets – a huge number. The products of Kenwood, MegaJet, Motorola, Alan, Ajetrays, Hytera, etc. proved to be excellent.

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