Military Watches – Tactical and Robust

Military watches, or tactical watches, are usually multifunctional watches that provide the military and its soldiers with useful information. But in order to be able to survive in the field, on the high seas, or in the air, military watches must have certain characteristics. These have evolved and evolved over time as demand for helpful wristwatches for military use grew. These include, for example, the longevity of the military watch, a robust appearance and the existence of unbreakable and scratch-resistant materials.

How It Came to the Military Watch

The origin of a military watch has its roots in the British Navy, which sought a solution to determine latitudes just over 300 years ago. The military needed a tool to accurately measure the distance to harbors and certain landing sites – and not arrive at anything else due to erroneous assessments. A few years later, the first chronometers were developed, which at that time were still very expensive even for the military. However, the first step towards today’s military era was done through the development of the first prototypes.

At that time, it was also common for officers and soldiers to carry pocket watches. However, these were considered to be particularly hindering in missions and wars, as they could even disadvantage the men. The desire for a practical military watch for the wrist was still not really satisfied.

It was the German navy who passed on the first major mission for military watches to a Swiss watchmaker to equip their officers with wristwatches. Later, military pilots and aviators increasingly needed accurate and accurate wristwatches or military watches.

Military Watches - Tactical and Robust

What Makes the Military Watch

Military watches, due to their long history and deep interweaving with warlike events, must have some features that ordinary watches do not have.

A Good Readability

It is especially important for military watches to be well read by the gentlemen. This was especially important for pilots who had to keep an eye on their military watches even during more violent actions. Of course, the dial or the glass of the watch case should not be very reflective when light rays hit the military clock. Otherwise, the pilot will not only be hampered in his view, but also in reading important information.


A Good Camouflage Behavior

The men usually wear a camouflage suit when traveling on missions. So that the Swiss military watches or Russian military watches also visually fit well into the image of the army and are not noticed by unusual designs, they should also be able to adapt well to this camouflage suit.

For example, a Bundeswehr watch was used in Germany or Russia as early as World War II and had to be able to adapt to any camouflage device or suits. That’s why most of the military watches after the military watch test also black, or at least gray and silver. Many models are also characterized by flat dimensions that make them disappear easily under jackets or jumpers and thus make even more useful.

Military Watches - Tactical and Robust

Buy the Best Military Watches

Swiss military watches and also Russian military watches are after the test For many men a popular collector’s item. Old military watches, for example, can have a high value for nostalgic collectors – especially if they are well preserved. Incidentally, this also includes German military watches, which have survived one or the other war or use without prejudice.

But new and innovative military watches are also particularly popular on the watch market today. Due to their many functions such as an integrated compass, the demand for military watches and men’s watches is increasing, especially because they are so robust. But not only the Bundeswehr or airmen need the military clock, but also more and more private people do not want to go out without her due to positive experiences with the models.

Military Watches - Tactical and Robust

The Comparison Winners From the Watch Shop

Each online shop for ladies’ watches and men’s watches usually also has a section that is filled with military watches for the aviator, diver or the navy. But in addition to models for the Bundeswehr, one can also find the Army Watch for the average citizen here. Such an army watch is not quite as specialized and often comes digitally, but can show just as good features as the variants used by the army.

Who would like to order such a military-automatic or similar models, can find very good pieces at leading brands, which have been awarded by review reports summaries and recommendations. Such brands include:

  • Oozoo
  • KHS
  • Luminox
  • Victorinox
  • Hamilton
  • Kienzle
  • Casio
  • traser
  • Traumatic
  • Praetorian

Not only military watches are presented here, but also models with fewer or more adapted functions for everyday use.

If you want to buy such a watch especially cheap, you can get some discontinued models in the sale of the brands cheap. Another option is to buy used military watches – but here you should refrain from shipping and pick them up yourself to make sure on the site that all functions are running optimally.

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