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Modding With Unreal Tournament Games

Unreal Tournament was based on the technology utilized in the first-person shooter game Unreal. However, developers shifted the focus of UT to a competitive multiplayer gaming action. UT, which was published by GT Interactive in 1999, showcased the most advanced gaming platform upon its release. This game kicks some serious arse and has definitely got it all, from superb weaponry, deadly bots, perplexing game levels, and amazing play modes. Unreal Tournament Games also come with a slew of kick-ass features made to pique the interest of players.
Fans of Unreal Tournament games took the initiative to create mods for this popular game, which range from slight gameplay modifications to a total overhaul. ChaosUT is a very popular mod of Unreal Tournament that was famous enough to be included in UT’s ‘Game of the Year’ edition. Meanwhile, Tactical Ops, which is a total conversion of UT, was released as a stand-alone product.

If you want to introduce more challenges in the original UT game, there are a number of game mods that has been released and can be easily downloaded online. Some of which include the following:


This is an experimental game level-viewer which can be used for all Unreal and UT game series. This game mod is capable of displaying everything by using a simple OpenGL renderer. It also loads various game packages, such as static-meshes and textures. If you want to view a game level, you just have to find the directory of the Unreal Tournament Game, press Run and your desired level will pop up in a GUI-window.

Doorways Mutator

Inspired by the PortalGun game mode made for Unreal Tournament 2004, this mutator mod replaced the Impact Hammer (from the original game) with a Doorway Controller. The controller is designed to allow players to place doorways around the game’s map. These doorways basically serve as teleporters.


This is yet another known mod for UT games. It is designed to introduce new items to the original game which allow players to take advantage of various effects when they obtain them. Relics has introduced game effects such as Defense (which reduces damage created by weapons), Redemption (allow the holding player to teleport to another area when the health meter reaches zero), Regeneration (increases the health of the player by ten points), and Speed (which provide a boost of speed to the holding player).

The various game mods released for Unreal Tournament games are top contributing factors to its undying popularity. Up to this day, dedicated UT fan communities continue to supply modifications for the game.

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