Things to Look for in a GPS Outdoor Watch

A GPS watch isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fitness freak then it can be the best training partner you can find.

Getting Started with Outdoor Watches

Whatever your sport of choice, a GPS watches can track information that makes your workout better. It gives you real-time information on things like speed, calories burnt, and other important numbers. The newest generation of GPS watches even use larger, easier to read watch faces and communicates with the same GPS sat navs as driving GPS devices. However, most people don’t get a GPS watch for tracking their location. They get one for tracking the precise moment you began slowing in pace or got too tired to keep going. That said, most outdoor watches are a bit expensive. If you’re thinking of buying one, then you need to take some time to look at what’s out there and decide whether or not the money is worth it. If you just need a simple pedometer, there are plenty of much less expensive tools on the market.

The Options Available

A GPS watch that’s worth the money will have the features you need, but not be packed with features that aren’t important for you. That’s almost a tautology, but many people think more features always make a better watch. All that does is make you pay for something you don’t need!

You’ll also want to check on the watch’s durability. All the sensors and features in the world won’t help if your watch stops tracking things mid-run.

If you tend to play a specific sport, it may be a good idea to get a sport-specific model. They tend to be better suited to the specific sport.

Things to Look for in a GPS Outdoor Watch

Things You Should Consider When Getting A GPS Outdoor Watch

Real-Time Statistics

Make sure you can see the numbers with just a glance, otherwise you could interrupt your workout. As anyone who’s deep into fitness knows, stopping for even a moment can ruin your whole workout.

Virtual Pacer

This lets you gauge where you are compared to where you usually are, helping you with endurance.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate is the key to cardio, and the right GPS watch will keep proper track of that statistic. Top-end GPS watches are the way to go in this instance.

Save Mode

Keeping a record of your workout summary is a great way to look back and see clear numbers on what you’ve done.


Not all watches have waterproofing. Not to mention, “waterproof” is more correctly said as “water-resistant“, since no piece of tech is entirely waterproof.


How often have you been running and find yourself at a street corner? A good watch will pause the run so that you don’t lose any time.

Auto-Lap Function

Have the watch let you know when you reach every mile marker, that way you have a bit of encouragement.

Data Display

Many GPS watches have charging cables that hook into your computer. You can then get the information off of the watch and save it for later reference.

While the USB plug tends to come standard, you often need to use specialized software to make it work.

Some GPS watches have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone, your laptop, and other devices to your watch and trade information between them.


It’s hard to see the screen when you’re running at night!

Battery Life

Most people don’t keep their GPS watch on all day. The battery can run out, and you don’t need to use it for 24 hours straight. Try to find a smart battery watch. This allows your GPS watch to work as a normal time tracking device. This may cost a little more, but it allows you to get more use out of your device than you would otherwise. Get this kinds of outdoor products that will assist you in your outdoor activities on

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